Mobile Chipper 1006 PT Truck



The chipper and a crane is built onto a truck chassis, and powered by the truck engine. The installation is totally integrated with the truck, which is fitted with a bodybuilder frame, transmission with a powerful gear box, hydraulic system and our intelligent control system.

The installation should only be carried out on heavy duty model trucks, with more than 700 hp output. Trucks to build on should be of the bigger models with power outputs of 700 hp or more. The trucks can be 3 or 4-axle, feeding on the right or left side, a number of different cranes available to choose from. Our unique modular system provides many opportunities for customized machines.


The new BRUKS 1006 chipper offers new possibilities working in the mobile chipping business. We have taken our 40 years of experience, combined it with the needs and experience from our customers and developed a chipper that is stronger, more powerful and with a higher capacity.
For branches, tops and logs – this mean machine will gladly chew whole trees for breakfast and go on the whole workday long. 

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